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Let me tell you a story that just might
take your breath away...
"You know that you are a part of something powerful when you have 2 friends watch videos in our library and they both cry and tell you how amazing they are. Thanks again for the vision behind this and the amount of lives we will impact."
"You are a legend. Thank You!
I took 1 hr to watch videos... OMG! Tears, tears of happiness. Amazing how we all connect. It's beautiful! Never stop, you are blowing a lot of people's minds! You are an amazing SOUL, thank you for being YOU."
"I watched the video and was so moved that I cried through the majority of your story because it resonated so strongly with the things I've been through in the last 2 years." HEAL speaks to me in so many ways & is such an inspiring life-changing concept everyone can benefit from."
Lisa Ph D
There Is A Movement Taking Place...
We are helping people ALL over the world to
heal • have fun • get healthy • share & get paid!
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It's Time To Heal
every second. every minute. every hour & every day... IT'S ON YOU!
"I have to tell you something that just happened. Ummm... I started with the meditation video. I was relaxed and breathing and actually concentrating. lol  Well, when you got to the one question DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF? I immediately had tears streaming down my face. Because I don't love myself. Like I fake tell myself. That moment made me realize what HEAL really means... I had no idea how much I need HEAL till that moment. We go through life's hustle and bustle and push feeling aside and just don't deal with what's really going on within. Pretending we are fine when we really are not.

So for a while all I could say was WOW!!! I had no idea how much I really need HEAL. So far all I did was the meditation. lol  How crazy is that!?!"
more hearthfelt
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